Syesh moyo sertze / Eat My Heart

Release Date: 2014-10-06
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The 13th album by the band was released in October 2014 on the label SOYUZ-MUSIC.
In support of the album Mikhail Vexel produced two music videos for songs Maslo / Oil and Syesh moyo sertze / Eat My Heart. The first video was filmed at a concert, while the second one has a plotline combined with concert scenes. Some of the fans were surprised by the experimental sound of some of the tracks, including Syesh moyo sertze. Still, such songs as Yaytza Fabergé / Fabergé Eggs, performed in a style more traditional for Russian rock, became real hits.

Album Review

Syesh moyo sertze hardly has any absurd or mockery in it, though it was so typical of Nogu Svelo! since the beginning of their music career. Here you won’t find even a hint of the undertones from Liliputskaya Lubov / Liliput Love or Haru-Mamburu / Haru-Mamburu, which makes the album pretty exciting. This means that the band doesn’t simply reuse the cliches that were once successful, but continues to grow. After taking a closer look at the previous album, it can be said that the band gave an account of all the hits throughout its 20-year-long history and started a new journey with a slight commercial touch.
- -Vyacheslav Chizhenok