Otkrovenniye fotografii / Explicit Photographs

Release Date: 2004-12-09
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The 10th album by Nogu Svelo! was released on Kvadro-Disk record label and was dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the band. The album included the best songs produced by Nogu Svelo! in the previous 15 years. Some of them were included in the album in non-traditional, concert and demo versions, just for a change. Besides this, the album featured the son, composed for animated movie “Klara i Dora – Besheniye
babki” / “Clara & Dora are mad knucklebone” , and the photos that hadn’t been published before.

Album Review

What is still very interesting in the collection by Nogu Svelo! is how throughout the history of the band hardcore mockery, parody and absurd were combined with absolutely mainstream songs like Idem na Vostok! / Go East! and Ya - ne posledniy geroy / I AmNot the Last Hero, which could easily be played on pop radio stations. Yet, this collection is not only about that kind of songs. In the majority of the tracks the ‘accessibility’ of music is compensated by the insanity of the lyrics. In the concentrated form this insanity was revealed in Haru Mamburu / Haru Mamburu, performed in an unknown language, and in Moskovskiy Romans / Moscow Romance, a social
parody. However, even in the songs in Russian Maxim’s ingenuity constantly wins over the desire to get into pop mainstream music.
- Alexey Mazhaev, InterMedia