Schasliva, potomu shto beremenna (green album)/ Happy, because Pregnant (Green Album)

Release Date: 1998-12-09
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Green Album is the 6th album by the band and the second part of the duology Schasliva, potomu shto beremenna. The idea was that the time interval between these two albums will be equal to the period of pregnancy of a woman. In fact Green Album came out later, because the label didn’t want to release it in the ‘dead season’. The album included such songs as Den rozhdeniya / Birthday, Volki / Wolfs and Reki / Rivers, a duo with Natalya Vetlitskaya.

Album Review

With the means of his art-punk, еpatage and rampaging manner of singing, Maxim Pokrovskiy turns Volki, a lyrical song in its essence, into paranoia, let alone the crushing rock'n'roll tracks of the album.
‘Schizophrenic fun’ would be a proper definition of Green Album. The main hit, Den rozhdeniya, is a wild and neurasthenic song about a guy who has a birthday, but no one will come to him. Of course, using foul language is only natural tо match the sadness of the situation. Maxim does that with pleasure, inserting the word ‘blyad’ (Russian swear word) into the hit. The band gets reproached by both producers and journalists. As they say, stage isn’t a pub and they aren’t heavy drinkers having no brain and respect for each other. Max’ replies: “Lots of our fans come to the concert to enjoy this word in particular!” Still he doesn't really mind the fact that it’s only the ‘clean’ version that is broadcast. This is for those who don’t feel that one word in the song is enough.