V Temnote/ In the Darkness

Release Date: 2002-12-09
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The 9th album of the band was released in 2002 on Kvadro-Disk record label.

In support of the album, director Mikhail Segal shot a video for the song Nashi yunye smeshnye golosa / Our Young Funny Voices. According to the video’s plot, the musicians are buried alive. Apart from the hidden profound meaning behind the lyrics and the visuals, this music video is also connected with a real life tragic story. The day after the shootings, several people from the video crew left for filming with Sergei Bodrov Jr. in Karmadon Gorge, where they died at the collapse of the Kolka glacier. Maxim Pokrovskiy deeply mourned this tragedy and tried to figure out where the boundary, moral line that the artist should not cross in their work lies.This song and the video have become iconic as a kind of hymn to the untimely lost young and talented people. In some ways the song even surpasses Haru Mamburu in popular love.

Later Mikhail Segal directed the video for the song Iz Alma-Aty / From Alma-Ata. To top it off, Kolybelnaya pesnya / Lullaby became a great success as a radio single on Nashe Radio.

Album Review

The band’s latest work is called V Temnote. From the very first song and till the album ends the incredible coherence, so to speak, integrity in sounding leaves one absolutely astonished. You can feel a great number of
new ideas and bold experiments. But all the tracks form an ongoing flow, despite the great variety of its elements!
- ofmusic.ru