Sibirskaya Lubov / Siberian Love

Release Date: 1995-12-06
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The 4th album by the band Nogu Svelo! was released in 1995 in collaboration with Rise Music. It consists of re-arranged and re-recorded songs from previous 3 albums and of the song Sibirskaya Lubov / Siberian
Love. One of the goals of this work was recording it at Mosfilm sound studio.
Working at the most expensive and modern studio in Russia at that time, the band gets an opportunity to record Rozhdestvenskaya Kolybelnaya / Christmas Lullaby and Super Creature with symphony orchestra.

Album Review

In November 1995 a former underground band presents its album Sibirskaya Lubov in the pompous State Central Concert Hall "Rossia" and gives the audience a performance of unprecedented scale. Nogu Svelo! sing together with FSB (former KGB) orchestra, then there’s a male choir singing Haru Mamburu and the orchestra of the The
Gnessin Musical College.