Obratnaya storona Nogi / The Far Side of the Leg

Release Date: 2011-12-17
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The 12th album by Nogu Svelo! Was released on December 17 2011 on Russian Disc record-label.
The main mission of the band in this album was to give the tunes an opportunity to be experienced in a new way. The idea itself dates back to the time when the musicians took part in the project by Russia TV ‘Dva Royalya’. They performed a number of their songs to the accompaniment of the piano.
Nevertheless, there isn’t much left from that piano concept in Obratnaya storona Nogi.
Still the songs sound softly and are worlds apart from the originals.

Album Review

We didn’t expect that the work on the album would capture us so much. Every new stage of work enthralled us more and more and revealed something new in our music, which, as it seemed to us, we knew like the back of
our hands. We found it hard to stop. That wasn’t a process of ‘improvement’ of the songs, but the process of their transition to another level of quality. Sometimes it even seemed that it wasn’t us, but another band and different music.
- Maxim Pokrovskiy