Nogu Sveló!
November 8, 2019
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“Haru Mamburu” is twenty-five!

Under the hypnotic drive of this song, shares of MMM were bought, the Internet started to pick up, the millennium approached, and doors began to open to the world of fresh, new rock music sounds and styles. It’s almost impossible to believe, but the legendary “Haru Mamburu” is twenty-five years old!

The group Nogu Sveló! is preparing to celebrate the birthday of this epic hit with a concert tour! Remaining modern and relevant to this day, the song connects fans of Maxim Pokrovsky through time and across continents. The band that taught us to understand the language of the alternative musical style and speak it fluently invites you to the anniversary of its most mysterious song.

This event is for you. It’s for those who know from which side of the world the mysterious winds are blowing, and those who will cheerfully answer “Haru Mamburu” to our “Ramambu.” On November 8, 2019, the band will perform on the stage of the legendary HC Gorbunov! It was there that Nogu Sveló! first performed, and it is there that we return to celebrate the birthday of the song that won the hearts of fans around the world! Meet Maxim Pokrovsky and Nogu Sveló! on November 8th at 8pm at the HC Gorbunov! All Haru Mamburu!