Nogu Sveló! – Earthquake Shake (official video)
Nogu Sveló!’s new single “EarthQuake Shake” Makes the Whole House Shake

Producer Howard Benson’s new single “Earthquake Shake” has already won the hearts of audiences at Nogu Svelo!’s recent New York show.
This song is a vivid confirmation that the traditional approach to rock music is not the path of the band. Check out the unexpected Eastern-European chord progression break-down, provided by the reedy sounds of the accordion.

The story of the music is transferred to the video: while filming a video clip, lead singer Max suddenly hit his forehead with his bass. This shot made the final video cut, as well as the classic Russian swear-word “Blyat”.

Writers: Maxim Pokrovskiy, Michael Carey, David Walsh
Producer by: Howard Benson (Grammy-nominated)
Co-Producer: Michael Carey

Edit: Mike Vexel (Diplodocus Studio)
DP: Mikhail Knyazev, Heather Monetti, EJ Markland.