25th Anniversary of the Legendary Song «Haru Mamburu»
25 years ago this song entered a new word into the language of Russian rock music and made the band Nogu Sveló! extremely popular. The animated video for Haru Mamburu with its mysterious plot and African motifs has become a standard of Russian animation art. 
Unfortunately the original video was lost. In any case the technology of that time did not allow for the creation of high resolution video. 
To celebrate the 25th anniversary of this hit song, @yandex company has offered an amazing gift to Nogu Sveló! and all of their fans. With the help of the technology behind DeepHD they have renovated the Haru Mamburu video. 
Processing video in DeepHD takes two stages, in both of which a unique neural network is used. The first neural network cleans up artifacts and noise. The next enhances definition, turning a low resolution depiction into a high definition one with restored detail. In order to achieve this, it has been trained using large images in high definition. 
Both versions can be seen and compared on the channel Yandex.Efir (Яндекс.Эфир). There you can also find a documentary “Vremya Absurda (Absurd Time)” in which Maxim Pokrovsky tells the story of the creation of the video and the song Haru Mamburu. 
For a quarter of a century not a single Nogu Sveló! show didn’t include this song and every performance made people dance and sing together with the band. Now you have a special reason to dance Haru Mumburu, because Nogu Sveló! and Yandex prepared a spectacular anniversary. 
Anyone can celebrate along with the band and be included in a new Haru Mamburu video that will be streamed on the Yandex.Efir (Яндекс.Эфир) channel. All you need to do is perform your sprightly Haru Mamburu dance and post it on your social media with the hashtag #harumamburudance.
Max Pokrovsky and his friends will inspire you by posting videos on their social media. 
Let’s brighten this autumn up with Haru Mamburu colors!