Max Pokrovskiy Took a Nonorbital Flight

That’s the name that one of Max’s Instagram followers gave to his recent trip. In the last few days the frontman of Nogu Svelo! did incredible gigs:

  • From New York to Moscow, where he had a final rehearsal before Nogu Svelo!’s Vesennie Shalosti (Spring Frolics) tour.
  • From Moscow to Minsk, where the band played an amazing concert. The audience talked Max into singing the song about a doggo (official title of the song is Ne Zhiletz). A new hip-hop arrangement of this song was created right at the stage. So it feels like the band is going to see an increase in the number of fans.
  • From Minsk with a stopover in Moscow to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, the location of “Snezhnyi Put” (Snow Way) festival. Pokrovskiy got so passionate about the opportunity “to draw on the snow with a stick, that it resulted in him getting a sore throat and spending all night in a thermal pool to warm up. All in all, he “melted a volcano”  to the fullest.
  • Max desperately wanted to complete one full orbit around the earth, to observe “the continents of his planet”. But that would have required a direct flight from Kamchatka to New York.

In the absence of such he had to return back in the reverse order, without transiting through Minsk, though.