Haru Mamburu will remain a mystery for at least another quarter of a century.

The album «Haru Mamburu 25» is dedicated to the quarter-century anniversary of a song that lives outside of time, space and the framework of any particular style. Haru Mamburu was born in 1992 in the head of a young unknown musician named Maxim Pokrovsky, who had just created a band with the absurd name Nogu Sveló!. The song is written in an unknown language, and even the author has not been able to explain the meaning of the song for 25 years.
Most importantly, this meaningless song has found a lively response in the hearts of the audience, instantly becoming a hit and bringing huge success to the band. It seems like people were waiting for just such a track, the one that everyone could layer with their own meaning.
The album «Haru Mamburu 25» does not include previously released tracks, it contains only new recordings that are a fresh modern take on a well-known hit.
The album includes 7 tracks:
1. Haru Mamburu 2019 is very close to the original, but at the same time has a contemporary sound.
2. Karamba Mamba — an update by Max Pokrovsky on his own «evergreen» hit. This musical idea sprung into his head as unexpectedly as it did when the original was created a quarter of a century ago. Pokrovsky produced the first two tracks of the new album with a 2015 Grammy nominated producer Ming.
3. Ming Remix — a masterly approach to the interpretation of Nogu Sveló!’s biggest hit, in which Max continued his phonetic experiments.
4-5. Max Vishnevsky radio edit and club mix — these two tracks are truly a miracle, because Max is the only person who managed to keep the original rhythm, progression of chords and elements of the original sound in the electronic version. Yes, our Haru Mamburu is so whimsical that nobody could remix it properly until now.
6. Ramamba in the autumn park 2019 — a remake of the original track with the same title, that was included in the album Haru Mamburu in 1993 and served as a prototype for the well-known 1994 version of Haru Mamburu.
7. Live version of Haru Mamburu performed at a concert in the club A2 Green Concert (Saint Petersburg) in April 2019.