Nogu Sveló! new video «Planes-Trains» shooting
Nogu Svelo! are ready to release a new single Samolety-Poezda (Plains-Trains), which will traditionally premiere on Nashe Radio, on 19th of April. At the same time, a new video for the song will be released on Nogu Svelo! Youtube channel.
The shooting of the music video is currently taking place on two different continents.
Two teams are working on creating the video: the first part was shot by Max Incubator company in New York, while for the second part the shooting was relocated to Moscow, where director Gleb Ross took over the management of the process.
The plotline of the video is based on a spine-chilling story with a shocking ending. The idea belongs to Tatyana Pokrovskaya, and Max Pokrovskiy took on the role of director of the first part of the video. Neither Tatyana nor Maxim want to disclose the idea of the music video till its release.
A star of Russian (and not only) cinema Darya Ekamasova plays the main part. Famous model and beauty blogger Daria Mudrova, actress and model Olga Silina,  actress Eugeniya Orudzeva and actress Olya Fedotova also took part in the video.
Cameraman Mikhail Knyazev (New York, the USA) and art director Igor Gembel-Zaykin (Moscow) were a big part of the shooting process.