The historic project 30/30 has been completed

Nogu Svelo! has finished their historic project 30/30. The full project’s name is 30 years in 30 weeks. The band decided to look back at their 30-years history and outline every year of their artistic life as a separate episode released every Tuesday on Nogu Svelo! official Youtube channel.

There were 30 episodes in total throughout 30 weeks. The project was supposed to be completed just before the anniversary concert in the Kremlin Palace, as initially year 2018 wasn’t planned to be included. However, while working on the project the band decided to make a 31st bonus episode about 2018 following the gig in the Kremlin Palace.

We would like to thank our dear viewers, who were looking forward to all the coming episodes and were taking active part in discussing the events of those years. As the last episode was released, Max Pokrovskiy with the assistance of Ilya Pokrovskiy invited all the fans of the show to 30/30 live stream and gave frank straightforward answers to all the questions.

The 30/30 series was fully broadcast on Nashe TV TV channel.

Max Incubator team is planning to release an episode about the people behind this project:

Max Pokrovskiy (author of the project, presenter)

Vladislav Labetskiy (co-producer)

Tatiana Pokrovskaya (producer)

Mikhail Kniazev (director of photography and editing)

Ilya Pokrovskiy (interview, archives)