Video Premiere of Eroticheskie Sny/ Erotic Dreams

On December, 3 the video for the song Eroticheckie Sny/ Erotic Dreams was premiered on Nogu Svelo! Youtube channel. The song was recorded together with 25/17 band.

The idea for this collaboration resulted from the previous collaboration project.

In the spring 2018 a manager of hip-hop singer Meyti contacted Max Incubator company, as Meyti made his own arrangement for Chernaya-ryzhaya/ Brunette-Ginger song by Nogu Svelo! Max Pokrovskiy was flattered by the hip-hop artist’s choice, as Chernaya-ryzhaya is one of Max’s favorite song, which he also considers to be one of the band’s most undervalued.

The way Meyti viewed and interpreted the song turned out to be both fascinating and seamless.

The collaboration resumed in 25/17 music studio, where Max met Anton Zavialov, Andrey Poznukhov and other band members. By that time 25/17 had already had a chance to listen to Eroticheskie Sny demo version. As Meyti recorder on his phone a video of Max performing it at a rehearsal with the music streaming directly from Max’s laptop.

Meyti sent this video to 25/17 and they mentioned it to Max during their first meeting.

Soon 25/17 joined the recording as guest artists with a hip-hop part written especially for them.

According to Maksim, the part became so organic and integral, that it’s hard to imagine the song without it now.

“Fair” recording of the song was made in New York, with 25/17’s part recorded in Moscow studio and sent to NY later.

The video for the song was shot in two locations: Brooklyn and Moscow.

Maxim Pokrovskiy finished the shooting mid October. He was both an actor and a director for the video. Alex Kouvatsos (Blackwolf Imaging), who had previously worked on Samurai music video as a director, was invited to be the director of photography together with Mikhail Kniazev. Mikhail has been working with Nogu Svelo! on a number of videos, including Syesh Moje Sertze/ Eat My Heart, Vatrushki, Maslo/Oil, Igry s Ognem/ Fire Game.

25/17 were touring in Russia at that time, so their part was shot when they returned to studio work mid November.

Both bands are extremely active in their creative career, nevertheless, it did not become an obstacle in making the music video. It has actually inspired the idea behind the video: a hero and anti-hero existing in different space.

Though such work format gave Max Incubator team much trouble, the result was worth all the effort. Now, with all that hassle in the past, we are happy to present our new work!